Towers of Glennoi

Towers of Glennoi 2.1

Brain-bending Towers of Hannoi clone


  • Challenging gameplay
  • High scores table
  • Straightforward game controls


  • You can't undo moves
  • Only eight levels


The best puzzle games are often the ones that are simple to play, yet seem impossible to complete. This is definitely applicable to Towers of Glennoi, a Windows Mobile version of the popular classic, Towers of Hannoi.

The object of Towers of Glennoi is to move the tower of blocks from one side of the screen to the other. Sounds simple, right? Well, it's not, because you have to move the blocks one and a time and can only put blocks in ascending order of size.

As a result, Towers of Hannoi becomes a question of shuffling the blocks between the different poles in order to be able to stack them in order on the correct pole (the one on the far right).

Towers of Glennoi proves an enjoyable and challenging puzzle game, although it is pretty limited. There is only one game mode and you only have eight levels to play. The graphics are neat and tidy without being sensational. Also, I would've liked to see the inclusion of an 'Undo' feature that lets you take back the previous turn if you've made a mistake.

A perplexing timewaster, Towers of Glennoi is worth downloading for a long train journey. Just don't expect to be playing it forever.

Towers of Glennoi


Towers of Glennoi 2.1

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